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Facebook Native ads on Mobile app

What is Facebook Native ads?

Audience Network gives you access to Facebook advertisers worldwide. You can bring the same creative assets and people-based targeting that make Facebook Native ads so effective to life on your app or site, in Native formats that match your design.

Facebook has a lot of detailed documentation you can find here. This article is my experience of registering native ads with Facebook for mobile apps. Hopefully it will save you time 😀

Prerequisites of Facebook Audience

You need to be logged in with your Facebook account while performing these steps. Make sure you log in with your real Facebook account and don’t use a fake account or a duplicate account that you create for work purposes. Such accounts will be flagged by our integrity systems and disabled.

You need to have an iOS or Android app that you want to monetize with Audience Network.

To go live with Audience Network in your mobile app, iOS apps must be available on the Apple App store and Android apps must be available on the Google Play store. You can integrate Audience Network and test the integration before your apps are available on those stores.

Table of Contents

Create apps on Facebook and add platform – top

First of all, you need to create an app to join the Facebook Audience Network. It’s pretty simple with Facebook’s intuitive interface.

Go to Facebook App Manager, click [Add a New App] then input Display name, Contact Email and finish by click [Create App ID]

facebook native ads

Now open your app and select Settings tabs. Click [+ Add platform], next select platform you want and input information then click [Save Changes]

Example: select platform Android, input Google Play package name of your app and Save

Configure Ad Spaces and Placements – top

Great, you’ve completed the Facebook app creation step. Now join Audience Network!

In the application control panel, select + Add product and start Set Up

Once set up, you can create Ad Spaces. Simply choose Audience Network and Ad Spaces, then click [Create Ad Space] in Manage Ad Spaces panel.

Popup Create New Ad Space will show, just fill in the information exactly and click Create. Describe Ad Space is important, you need to fill it out so that the subsequent review process is quick and easy.

Next please Create Placement, it’s similar to Ad Space, exactly it’s child!

These are 3 types of Display Format Native, Interstitial and Banner. In this document is about Native Ads, ads interleaved content. Therefore, select Native in Display Format.

Oh, that’s all. You already have Placement ID Facebook Audience Network for Native Ads. We will not guide integration into the application here because there are too many documents for this. You can see here.

Ad testing – top

You already have an ID Ads from the previous step, right? But before integrating it into your application, you should consider my experience with ad testing.

According to Facebook, this is a prerequisite for Audience Network Ad Testing on Mobile app:

Distribute the app to your testers’ devices using your preferred distribution method.

Each of the testers you added needs to have the Facebook app installed on their device and log in to it using the Facebook user id that you added to the Testers role. This is required because Facebook needs to recognize the user as a Tester on the app in order to return an ad regardless of the app’s review status.

The tester can now launch your app and do the steps needed to trigger the placements that you want to test. They should see a real ad.

Your ad is currently in “Enabled for testing”, and you should use Test Ads instead of Real Ads.

Test Ads will display easily and make the process perfect. So you should use Test Ads displayed in the application and click several times before using Real Ads. As far as I know it avoids some silly errors 😉

You can read more about Test Ads here.

For example [your_ads_id], so you should show and click a few times in the application with ad IMG_16_9_APP_INSTALL#[your_ads_id]

Submit your app for review – top

The final step is to monetize your app with Facebook Native ads. Make sure you have done these steps:

  • Create apps on Facebook and add platform
  • Configure Ad Spaces and Placements
  • Ad testing with Test Ads
  • Ad testing with Real Ads
  • Make sure that your ads work correctly in your app
  • Publish or update your app in Google Play or Apple Store

Go to Audience Network, Apps and select [Add App] in Manage Apps. Then input your app link in store, select your App and finish by click [Submit]

Once your application has been added successfully, simply click [Send For Review] and wait for Facebook.


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